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Choosing bridesmaid dress

Weddings can be wonderful, busy, hectic, joyous and stressful

Weddings can be wonderful, busy, hectic, joyous and stressful. Everybody has an opinion and you are in the middle trying to please everyone. Especially when you have to choose bridesmaids dresses that would satisfy your long-times friends, in-laws and people who will be an important part of your bridal party.

Top 10 Recommendations for Choosing your Bridesmaid Dresses

1 – Comfort

Consider dress styles that can accommodate different body types. Everyone will not be the same size, and it is possible that someone will need extra room to move. As bridal store owners for the past 30 years we have received many questions about how to dress a potential pregnant bridesmaid. An elegant solution is to choose Empire Waist bridesmaid dresses. Combined with fluffy chiffon fabric, an empire waist silhouette can hide just about anything.

2 – Fabric

Select dresses that travel well. Chiffon fabrics are the secret to attractive destination weddings, and work well for any general wedding. Whether it is Bella Chiffon, Crinkle Chiffon or regular chiffon, the fabric holds up amazingly well in heat and humidity. Chiffon bridesmaid dresses will keep their form even if your girlfriends are traveling from a different state. They are wrinkle resistant and are ready-to-wear when the party is on.

3 – Color

Choose your bridesmaids colors according to the season in which you are getting married. Light and airy colors for spring and summer weddings and jeweled tone dresses for fall and winter. Please… No butter cup for October.

Allure 2859 Dress Sweetheart Bodice Ruffled Organza 

4 – Price

Yes, it is your wedding, but please don’t break your friend’s bank. Today’s economy dictates that you will be accommodating to the pocketbook of your matrimonial attendants. Please check prices from a variety of authorized wedding retailers. Make your dress decision on a number of factors like price and customer service.

5 – Choosing a size

We recommend that you order your current dress size. If you think that you are in between 2 sizes please order the larger size. Remember that you can always alter a size down but not the other way around. Also don’t speculate on a smaller size because you are “planning to lose weight”. This will not work in your favor because if you do not lose the intended weight it may actually bring on your chocolate stress level to unattainable levels.

Mori Lee Voyage 6798 Embellished Straps Sweetheart Bust Semi-Open V-Back Court Train 

6 – Deadlines

Avoid waiting till the last minute. Hurricane Sandy, while it was a regional natural disaster, delayed over 100 of our weddings. The garment district in New York city was pretty much shut down for 3 weeks, so we could not make delivery on bridesmaid orders that were placed too close to the wedding date. Order your dresses well ahead of when you will need them.

7 – Make your wedding a Love Fest

Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Look at it this way… you will get married, you will start a new life and soon thereafter good Lord willing, there will be children. Enjoy these moments before another heap of responsibly is served on your doorstep. Love yourself, love your bridesmaids and keep it sweet.

8 – Choose a reliable retailer

A wedding shop with a well organized website and good customer service is a must. Some attributes of a well-run bridal website is how quickly and completely they answer your questions. If you submit a question and you don’t get an answer within 1-2 business days, you should move on to another online retailer. Consider Madame Bridal for your first, best experience.

9 – Match Colors to Groomsmen

All of the bridesmaid divisions offered by the Dessy corporation have matching groomsmen accessories; such as tuxes, vests, ties and pocket squares. Consider the following brands when you log into the Madame Bridal website:

  • After Six
  • Dessy Collection
  • Alfred Sung
  • Lela Rose
  • Jenny Yoo

10 – Tie up all the loose ends

By now you should have a reasonable idea of what it will take to purchase your bridesmaid dresses. If you follow these 10 steps to a successful shopping journey you will not only save time and money but will turn this into a pleasant experience.

Madame Bridal wishes all brides and bridesmaids a happy and wonderful wedding. May the light of this institution shine on your life from now to the end of eternity.