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How Far In Advance Should I Place My Dress Order When Shopping Online?

Do you have a special event and need a dress right away? If your event is a week a way or less, money may be able to buy you a miracle, otherwise you will need to forget about ordering online and  hit up your local dress shop.

If you have a month or more before your event, ordering online is a great way to save time and money. That said, it is never too early to begin thinking about your homecoming, special event, or prom dress as soon as you know you plan on attending.

Remember that dresses that are not in stock will require production time, as well as time to be sent from the manufacturer. If you need your dress less two months in advance, it is best to play it safe and pick something that ready to wear and already made just in case you need alterations.

Shipping Times Vs. Production Times, What’s the Difference?

Remember, the time to ship is not the same as production time. Your dresses will be made to order.  When you place an order for your dresses, the retailer sends the order to factory who then put your order on the list. Just like ordering a custom car, or counter top, production takes time. Measurements are made, and there will be orders ahead of you. Here is a link to our shipping page to give you an idea of what to expect cost and time wise.

International shipping will always cost more and take longer. Just like with dementing shipping, rush international shipping is also available for a hefty premium. Here is a link to our international shipping page to give you an idea of international shipping times and prices.

Money Can Buy You Time $=⌚︎

Different than rush shipping charges, in some cases rush production may also be available. Rush production puts your order ahead of other orders for a premium price. Rush production charges vary depending on each designer, but will usually run you $30-$60 per dress.

Rush Shipping Charges

Rush shipping prices are set by the mail carrier and always seem to be increasing these days. You can get an in stock ready-to-ship dress delivered to you from the dress shop in as little as five days if you pay an extra fifty dollars or so for express delivery.

Other Tips to Save You Time and Money

Times are Counted in Business Days

What is a business day? A business day includes Monday through Friday excluding Holidays. Weekend days, Saturdays and Sundays are not considered business days.

Be There When Your Package Arrives

Dresses are sent insured and registered, meaning they require a signature and will not be left on a doorstep. It is imperative that someone is there to sign for and receive the package otherwise it will be sent back to the post office and then sent back to the dress shop.

Get a Tracking Number

When you place an order, you will be given a tracking number when your order ships. Remember that if your dress requires production time you might not get a tracking number right away. In these cases it is wise to register with the website you ordered from so you can receive timely updates.

Once you have a tracking number you know when your dress will arrive down to the day and make plans to receive it. If you cannot be home to receive it, you can make arrangements to have it sent to your work.

Save Time for Alterations

Another tip is when it comes to alterations, you can always take a way from a dress but you cannot add to it, which is why it especially important to check size charts and always order a size up if in doubt. Corset style backs with ribbon lacing are great for giving a custom fit without the need for altering.