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Shipping and Production Costs of Bridesmaid and Wedding Dresses

Shipping Times

Shipping and production costs of wedding and bridesmaid dresses tend to confuse some shoppers. This blog should help to clear up the differences between your options.

Production Costs of Wedding DressesWhen it comes to ordering your wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses, do it early.  Five to six months in advance should give you some wiggle room for fittings. Because it will typically take 3 and a half to 4 months for the manufacturer to make the dresses and ship them out to you. Count on waiting 14-17 weeks, not days, in total, for both production and delivery. That said, a wise bride will plan to order her bridal dresses as far in advance as possible in case any changes need to be made. If you wait until a few months before your ceremony, you could be out of luck.

Not only will being an early bird save you hassle, but ordering as far ahead in advance as possible will save you money. If you are not in a hurry, standard shipping on large orders can even be had for free in some cases, this includes international, which can amount to a significant savings.

Shipping and Production Costs of Bridesmaid and Wedding Dresses

Shipping Costs, Production Rush Charges and Rush Shipping

Shipping costs may seem outrageous but keep in mind this due to the size of wedding gown, and all the special care that is taken in packing a dress.

Regular 7-10 day ground shipping is around $26.75 per dress. However many retailers offer a discount when multiple bridesmaid dresses are ordered.

It pays to buy all your wedding and bridesmaid dresses in one place, as many retailers offer shipping discounts or even free shipping after a certain amount, like free shipping with orders of $300 or more. Since the cost to ship one single dress will be upwards of thirty dollars, and sixty for a wedding dress, a bride can save a boatload on shipping charges if she uses the same retailer for her bridesmaid dresses and her wedding dress.

Production Costs of Bridesmaid and Wedding Dresses

The time to ship is not the same as production time. Your dresses will be made to order.  When you make your purchase, the retailer sends the order to factory who then put you on the list. Just like ordering a custom car, or counter top, production takes time. Measurements are made and there will be other dress orders ahead of you.

When love cannot wait, there are rush production charges. These are not the same as rush shipping charges. Rush production puts your order ahead of other orders for a premium. Rush production charges vary depending on each designer, but will usually run you $30-$60 per dress depending on the designer.

Rush shipping charges will get your package to you faster once it is ready, 5-7 days for Priority, which will cost around $40 and $70 for 1-3 day express, per dress.

Shipping Costs of Bridesmaid and Wedding Dresses

Signature Waivers and Insurance

Dresses are sent insured and require a signature upon delivery. When you receive confirmation that your package has been shipped, track your package with the tracking number given to you. The tracking number will tell you exactly where you dresses are en route so you can be there to sign for them when they arrive.

If you cannot make arrangements to sign, you can request a signature waiver which allows the delivery person to leave your package without a signature, but this will void the insurance on the package.

Weather and elements could damage a package, which is another reason it is imperative that someone is there to receive it.

You can always ask the dress shop to send your package to a different address if it has not shipped yet.