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Coordinating Your Bridesmaids’ Gowns With Your Wedding Dress

Tips to make the bridal party match the bride

How you pair your bridesmaids dresses to your wedding dress is very important, as this can make or break the overall impact of the wedding scene. This makes bridesmaids dress shopping just as challenging as shopping for your wedding gown. The right bridesmaids dresses will complement your bridal gown and enhance its beauty. It will also look good on the different women wearing it.

The fashion teams at Best for Bride ( and Madame Bridal ( have teamed up to bring your their take and some tips on how to choose bridesmaids dresses that will coordinate nicely your wedding gown.

Match the formality of the occasion 

You will naturally pick a wedding dress that is suitable for the style of your wedding. Your bridesmaids dresses should also match the formality of your dress. The details do not have to match, however, it is essential that their dress is just as formal or casual as your gown for the entire bridal party to look co-ordinated. Therefore, if your dress is a formal ball gown, choose floor-length gowns for your girls. If you will be wearing a simple sheath dress for your outdoor wedding, pair it with fun and flirty bridesmaid dresses in airy, light fabric.

Pay attention to the fabric choice

Fabric choice has huge impact on the overall effect of your dress. For your bridesmaids dresses, choose fabric finishes that complement your own, for example, if your dress is muted, don’t put your girls in shiny dresses. Pair structured wedding dresses with bridesmaids dresses that have neat lines and definite shape. Wedding dresses with lace look good with textured or layered bridesmaid dresses. Soft and light wedding dresses go well with chiffon bridesmaids dresses and style elements like ruffles. 963-4

Find a unifying factor

Choose a focal element to unify your wedding dress with the rest of the group. This is an easy and effective way to match the bridal party to the bride without trying too hard. The common factor could be the neckline, embellishments, color or dress silhouette. You can also consider accessories like shoes, bouquets and jewelry to create a cohesive look for the entire group.

Choose a silhouette or neckline that complements your dress

The silhouette of your dress is another focal point to base your bridesmaids dress choices on.

Different dress silhouettes look good on different body types. Account for this factor when choosing the same silhouette for all your girls. A good option is to go with variations of the same shape, like an A-line and a modified A-line, these look quite similar and help to keep the effect uniform. Another aspect that can tie a group together is the neckline. Choose from strapless and sleeveless choices that match your gown neckline for a cohesive effect.

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Best for Bride is a leading wedding dress chain operating from four locations in Canada. They carry designer wedding dress collections as well as dresses for the entire bridal party. Best for Bride also has an online shopping option for brides from all over the world.

Madame Bridal is a brick and mortar store in West Palm Beach, Florida, and also serving the entire world through their website. As a family owned business, they have been making wedding and prom dress dreams come true for over thirty years.

Marnie’s Laurel Canyon Classic, Ralph Lauren-Meets-Joni Mitchell, White Christian Woman Wedding: Featuring the Dessy Twist Wrap Convertible Bridesmaid Dress

HBO’s Girls kicked off its final season with a wedding and our favorite girls got all twisted up in Dessy Twist-Wrap convertible dresses. The episode features genuine Dessy Twist Wrap convertible dresses, in Suede Rose, available on the Happy Bridesmaids website in sizes XS-2X, in plenty of colors, including Suede Rose!

Whether you call it a convertible dress, a chameleon dress, an infinite dress, or a twist wrap, we will call it the future. The Dessy twist wrap is as multifaceted as the woman who wears one, and they can be worn in hundreds of ways.

The fashions on Girls are meant to showcase what real girls wear in real life. There’s lots of vintage and affordable brands like H&M. The wedding episode reflects this, with the bridesmaids donning twist-wrap dresses, a practical and exceptionally affordable option for a mixed batch of budget-conscious bridesmaids with differing styles and shapes. A twist-wrap can be worn at the empire, or the natural waistline, you can create sleeves or go sleeveless. Its extreme versatility makes it ideal to fit an array of body types.

Costume designer on Girls Jenn Rogien wants us to know that Hannah looks bad on purpose. In a recent interview for, Jenn spoke of the haphazardness of their fashions as being “1000% intentional”. Speaking on Lena Dunham’s character Hannah, Girls producer Judd Apatow told Jenn, “Our audience isn’t going to believe this character is that much of a mess if she looks too good.”


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 3.27.05 PM
All the other girls tie up their twist-wrap dresses nicely, but Hannah has trouble getting hers to look the way it did before…




“The straps are longer than the dress!”

 Hannah complains, in a mad rush to get her dress tied

after a romp in the car with her boyfriend, Fran.






The extra long straps allow for the impressive range of styles. Someone should have told Hannah that the twist wrap dress comes with instructions!  Also find ways to wrap a twist-wrap dress online here:

The bride, Marnie (Allison Williams), has a very specific vision for her outdoor rustic wedding. The aesthetic of Marnie’s wedding was “Laurel Canyon classic”, Ralph Lauren meets Joni Mitchell with a nod to her heritage, “white Christian woman”, a vision from an Edward Sharp video, she says. In her wedding vision, convertible bridesmaid dresses could encompass all of that and “Oh my god, it’s so much fun.”

The dresses can all be tied the same way, or create a mismatched, “Canyon Classic” look.


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 5.56.20 PM
Hannah puts her own twist on the convertible dress
Jessa (Jemima Kirke) knots the shoulders while Hannah, goes for a V-neck halter with a wrap bodice.
Jessa (Jemima Kirke) knots the shoulders while Hannah, goes for a V-neck halter with a wrap bodiceGo for dresses in the same color, or pick several different colors to create a theme or gradient effect. Lightweight and comfortable twist wraps also make ideal dresses for destination weddings.
Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 4.16.20 PM
Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) goes for a V-neck gathered halter.













Happy Bridesmaids carries the full line of Dessy Twist-Wrap dresses, available in Maracaine jersey knits that stretch and move with you. They come in short or long versions with an optional chiffon overskirt.

Try one shoulder, go backless, but just don’t be a Hannah, bringing your boyfriend around, and asking questions instead of getting things done. Be a Shosh, steam the dresses, or be encouraging like Jessa, a calm during the storm, a make-up emergency fixer, and expert twist-wrap dress stylist.