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Choosing bridesmaid dress

Weddings can be wonderful, busy, hectic, joyous and stressful

Weddings can be wonderful, busy, hectic, joyous and stressful. Everybody has an opinion and you are in the middle trying to please everyone. Especially when you have to choose bridesmaids dresses that would satisfy your long-times friends, in-laws and people who will be an important part of your bridal party.

Top 10 Recommendations for Choosing your Bridesmaid Dresses

1 – Comfort

Consider dress styles that can accommodate different body types. Everyone will not be the same size, and it is possible that someone will need extra room to move. As bridal store owners for the past 30 years we have received many questions about how to dress a potential pregnant bridesmaid. An elegant solution is to choose Empire Waist bridesmaid dresses. Combined with fluffy chiffon fabric, an empire waist silhouette can hide just about anything.

2 – Fabric

Select dresses that travel well. Chiffon fabrics are the secret to attractive destination weddings, and work well for any general wedding. Whether it is Bella Chiffon, Crinkle Chiffon or regular chiffon, the fabric holds up amazingly well in heat and humidity. Chiffon bridesmaid dresses will keep their form even if your girlfriends are traveling from a different state. They are wrinkle resistant and are ready-to-wear when the party is on. (more…)